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The pets on this page have has the misfortune of needing to find a new home. They are all fostered in the Seattle area and are not at a shelter or rescue facility. The purpose of our page of adoptables is to assist people in rehoming their pets without having to sign them over to a rescue or shelter.

Adoption requirements are set by each pet’s current owner(s).

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Do you need help rehoming your pet, and would like help doing so without going through a rescue or shelter?

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Hannah is a funny and happy little lady. She originally came from a rescue that received her from a puppy mill. Through years of love and great socialization Hannah learned to be an all American loving family pet. Hannah has lived with dogs and young children, which she has done great with. She is more comfortable in a calmer home, because she likes peace of mind when relaxing. So she would love a home with older children or no children.

Hannah greets her mom at the door every day with an excited dance and compliments about how excited she is to see her mom. Although Hannah is excited to welcome female and male guests into the house and loves to have someone give her love, she has never quite bonded with her dad. This has caused some hard feelings at home. So unfortunately Hannah needs to find a home again. She would do great in a condo, townhouse or single family home. Hannah just wants someone to be happy to see her, like she is to see her family. Hannah isn’t the kind of dog to jump all over everyone and lick their faces, she is more of a lady than that.

Age: 8 years          Spayed: Yes          Vaccinated: Yes          Kennel Trained: Yes          Leash Manners: Yes

Dogs: Yes, does well, has gone to doggy daycare          Cats: Unsure, but probably would ignore

Health Issues: No          Rides well in vehicle: Yes          Loves: Being pet, Treats, Walks

Commands & Tricks: Sit, Lay down, Shake, Up (dance), Go Home (kennel), Come

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Taz is as snuggly as he is adorable. His family is having to rehome him due to unfortunate circumstances. He is a pit bull mix (we don’t know what he is mixed with), 10 years old and loves adults and children. Taz needs a home where he can be the only dog and needs to be supervised while outside. His owner is willing to pay someone to board him at their home in order to keep him from ending up at a shelter or euthanized. They have talked to all the shelters in the area and none of the shelters are willing to adopt out Taz because he is dog aggressive. His mom’s phone number is (206) 661-2247. You can also email us through the contact us tab above.

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