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DIY Pet First Aid & Emergency Kit


Having a first aid and emergency kit for pets is something that most people overlook. It is potentially life saving and generally doesn’t take up much space. Below are the things we recommend for making a first aid kit. Many of the things in a pet’s first aid kit can also be found in human first aid kits.

1) A Plastic Bin: Generally a little larger than a shoe box, to put all the supplies in. We actually recommend that if you already have a spare or unused pet kennel / carrier, that you put the kit supplies in a grocery bag inside of the kennel. This can make the supplies easy to carry if you have a house fire or natural disaster & helps keep everything together.

2) A 5 Pound Bag of Food: We recommend splitting this into multiple Ziploc bags, because the bags are air tight and able to keep out moisture. We also recommend writing what the brand/protein of the food is and the feeding instructions.

3) A Copy of Medical Records: This can be very important because your veterinarian might not be open or able to be reached via phone at the time of an emergency.

4) Pill Treats: They can be used as normal treats if needed or to administer pills.

5) 1 Weeks Worth of Medication(s)

6) Antibiotic Ointments: For small abrasions.

7) Hydrocortisone Cream or Spray: Hydrocortisone is a topical steroid. It reduces the inflammation, redness, and swelling.

8) Sterile Cleaning Solution: For flushing out wounds if needed.

9) Alcohol Wipes: To sterilize things such as your hands.

10) Diphenhydramine Pills: It is an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergies. We recommend putting these in a small Ziploc bag along with writing the correct dosage on the bag for each of your pets.

11) Gauze Pads & A Roll of Gauze: You won’t know how much gauze you’ll need until you need it. Being under prepared is overrated.

12) Self Sticking Bandage Wrap: Your veterinarian calls it vet-wrap. They will gladly show it to you in person if you’d like. It is like the normal tan/brown bandage wrap that you might have had to use on yourself at some point. But they have a self sticking version that works best for animals.

13) Scissors: Because scissors have come in useful in many aspects of your life already, so you might as well have them available and handy in an emergency.

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~ Nikki Johnson