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Dog Walking 102 – Fixing over excitement and anxiety

As a professional dog walker I believe there are many aspects of dog walking that the general public don’t encounter or take into consideration. This is my way of helping us all in having a more enjoyable and safe community. As you may already know EVERYONE in your family needs to practice the same techniques […]


Correcting Food Guarding and Aggression

The first step is to determine whether your dog’s food aggression is a low, moderate, or high level. For high level cases you should consulting a professional until you can get the dog’s behavior down to a manageable level. Some dogs are dominant aggressive while others are fearfully aggressive. When you have a dominant dog […]


Balancing Food on Your Dog’s Nose

This trick works best when your dog already knows the commands: Sit, Stay, and Leave It. The commands you will give are in bold for ease of reference. Good luck! The first trick is actually just being able to lower the treat past their nose without them going after the treat. Begin with your dog […]