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MY FAVORITE QUOTE: “You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” ~Paul McCartney



MY FIRST PET: Simon was a siamese cat. He came home with me when my parents brought me home from the hospital. He use to share my crib as a baby and was always my favorite playmate. We truly had a great bond and friendship.

WHAT I WOULD TELL MY YOUNGER SELF: Go to university! You would have had a lot more fun and made even more great friends. Travel more before you settle down, later in life you won’t have as much of an opportunity to go anymore.

WHAT AN OLDER ME MIGHT SAY TO ME TODAY: Embrace change. Don’t be afraid, you don’t know the wonders that await.

SOMETHING PEOPLE DON’T USUALLY KNOW ABOUT ME: I am shy, but can still be outgoing. Then I become more extroverted as you get to know me.

I have always been in love with animals and have always had them in my life. Cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs and goats to name a few. When I was younger I rode horses every chance I could at a local stable by making a deal with the owner. I mucked out stalls, fed, groomed and took the horses out on some trail rides in exchange. I have worked at The Seattle Humane Society, in the past as well as volunteering for them is many areas, but mostly in the dog training classes and cat fostering programs. I’ve also worked for other pet service companies in the past and finally thought I may as well start up my own so in 2013 Four Paws Walkin LLC was born. Now its time to grow again and that’s where Nikki comes in. After we met and formed a friendship I knew her passion for what she does with Moxie’s Pet Service was in sync with my own and now she’s not only my friend ​but business partner!

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