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High Activity & Bully Breed Enthusiast


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MY FAVORITE QUOTE: You don’t get what you wish for; you get what you work for – Richard Sherman

MY FAVORITE FOOD: Seafood, cause whether it is raw or cooked, I love it!

MY FAVORITE MOVIE: Dark Crystal and Labyrinth with David Bowie because… “Dance Magic Dance!”

MY FIRST PET: A Hamster named Slurpee. Santa left him under the Christmas tree!

WHAT I WOULD TELL MY YOUNGER SELF: Love and enjoy your body now cause it’s all downhill from here.

WHAT AN OLDER ME MIGHT TELL ME TODAY: Love and enjoy your body now cause it’s all downhill from here! Lol

SOMETHING PEOPLE DON’T NORMALLY KNOW ABOUT ME: I’m a Marine Zoologist and research diver and I lived in Seychelles for half a year studying their coral reefs.


I am a Marine Zoologist out of the University of WA as well as a research diver, dive master and rescue diver, which has taken me around the world.  But my most important job to date is being a wife and a fur baby parent!

Staying active, working out and being fit is a huge part of my life, as well, so walking and even jogging dogs all day has been the perfect fit for me, plus, I have to take care of our own herd of puppies so why not do it for a living?

Growing up I was surrounded by a menagerie of animals of every sort imaginable, from reptiles, to farm animals, to the cuddly in house fur babies. Of course I cuddled all our animals, no matter what kind they were.  My mother and I bred, trained, and showed Weimaraners throughout my teens, as well as using them to hunt pheasant with my father.  I have never been without a dog in my life as an adult, as well, because dogs are a part of what makes life wonderful!  Right now my husband and I are staying with my folks out on their property in Snohomish and have four big dogs (Our American Bulldog, and my parent’s 3 German Short Hairs) that we take care of, so it’s a total circus! But we wouldn’t have it any other way because my family and I have always believed that our animals are part of the family and should be cherished as such.  So I look forward to getting the opportunity to take care of your fur baby just as I would my own.
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