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Briana & Scout

Small Pet & Equine Enthusiast

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MY FAVORITE QUOTE: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” ~Henry Ford

MY FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza, Thai & paninis

MY FIRST PET: My first dog’s name was Bandit. She used to lay down like a frog and stare up at me with huge brownie eyes and the most adoring gaze. She was a great dog and really helped me realize how great of companions dogs are. She was a german shepherd and probably is the reason I am so attracted to the breed. She wasn’t a fan of most other dogs, unless they were black labs. An odd quark, but I respected her for making her own decision.

WHAT I WOULD TELL MY YOUNGER SELF: Don’t worry about pushing back on restrictions and instead focus on yourself to find creative solutions.

WHAT AN OLDER ME MIGHT TELL ME TODAY: You need to take more time to smell the roses!

THREE THINGS PEOPLE DON’T USUALLY KNOW ABOUT ME: Through out my work with horses I have competed through training level 3 day eventing and schooling intermediate. I have also worked with several different hunter/jumper barns. One of my life goals is to comfortably own a vacation home in the Bahamas some day.

When Briana was 7 years old she decided it was time to start pet sitting. So with the help of her parents she started her own pet sitting company. She is definitely a forward thinker! She has done pet and/or house sitting on and off ever since. Throughout her life she has owned or lived with cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, rodents, lizards and frogs. Her love of all animals has gotten through some hard times in life and has taught her how important it is to be patient and learn from every being she comes across.

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