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Delilah is an avid animal lover whose appreciation for all species stems from growing up in a family that took-in injured animals and helped nurse them back to health. As a young girl, she helped raise abandoned dogs, cats, wild birds & squirrels. Delilah and her family once rescued a baby crow who fell from a nest and was being harassed by a murder of other crows. She has named him Po and plans on releasing him back into the wild. Delilah’s 10yr old labrador / pit bull mix, Bailey, was the first child of her own family. Now, Delilah’s family has grown to include her husband and two sons (but Delilah insists Bailey is her first child). They also have two miniature Texas Map Turtles, named Finn and Jake. Delilah is compassionate and full of energy, with a sunny disposition. She believes that animals are people too, with unique needs and personalities. Always looking for ways to help and spend time with animals, she was eager to become a team member on the Moxie crew and get to know all the pets and their people too.

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