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Moxie & Pickles

Official Mascots

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Moxie and Pickles had started out their lives in a less than fun way. They were both abandoned on the side of the road and luckily found their way into Nikki’s life. They now enjoy frolicking, cuddling and teaching the dogs of Moxie’s Pet Service’s extended pack. They also volunteer as therapy dogs…

Moxie was found running down the street, terrified of every person that approached her. After a few minutes Nikki and her sister, Desirae, were able to win over Moxie’s trust and get her into their vehicle. Although it was obvious that Moxie had been abused and neglected they saw Moxie’s potential to be a great dog and ambassador to her breed. After 3 surgeries to heal her physical wounds and a year of rehabilitation with humans Moxie was ready to start service and therapy dog training. Over the next couple years Moxie went through Canine Good Citizen training, service dog training, therapy dog training and advanced obedience. To date Moxie has provided therapeutic assistance to children, soldiers of war, civilians, mothers in birthing centers, people wanting to overcome their phobia of pit bulls and other animals.

Moxie’s love for other dogs was always clear, she felt safest around her other doggy siblings and friends. So when it came time for Nikki to start rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues and phobias, Moxie was an incredible asset. She has helped to rehabilitate more dogs than we can count. In her efforts to be the perfect ambassador Moxie has also been the mother to orphaned and bottle fed kittens. After her spinal stroke in 2016 Moxie was left paralyzed for weeks. Nolonger able to chase a ball or even walk to go outside for walks with her doggy friends Moxie grew determined, instead of depressed. She went through months of rehabilitation, using cold lazers, a water treadmill, a physical therapist and many hours of training her muscles how to recover. She is still not able to chase a ball, but she enjoys walking with her friends again and swimming in the lake.

Pickles was found along the side of hwy 520, howling and cold in the cold month of November. He was approximately 8 weeks old and had the misfortune of having his ears removed. His tiny ear ‘nubs’ were held together by fishing line, some of it is still connected to the edge of his ear to this day. Although we may never know who abused this little love muffin we do know that he has forgiven all mankind. Pickles is not the most intelligent dog you’ll meet, but he is one of the most loving.

Soon after getting Pickles it was found out that he had a severe case of a heart condition, known as pulmonic stenosis. After his initial exam with Dr. Bottorf, the cardiologist at Seattle Veterinary Specialist, it was made clear that Pickles needed heart surgery as soon as possible. So with the help of our great community and Fox News Pickles’ surgery fundraising page was flooded with people wanting to help. He has his first surgery soon after and was on his way to being a normal puppy. During the recheck we learned Pickles would need another surgery. So two surgeries later we were faced with the decision to keep Pickles’ activity low and be extremely cautious not to let him do any cardio or overly exciting things & hopefully help to extend his life or to let him be the funny energetic goof ball he was. So Pickles is out running with his friends, swimming in the lake and living life to the fullest. A life without fun and excitement is no life at all.

Pickles has been raised walking and playing with MPS pack members of all sizes and energy levels. So his natural love for other dogs has been able to come out and thrive. He has taken his first level of obedience training and is currently in his second / more advanced level. From a very early age Pickles has been learning therapy work with people and other pets. To date he has helped people wanting to overcome their phobia of pit bulls, aggressive dogs needing socialization and civilians. In the future he will also enjoy work with more pets needing help, children and soldiers of war.