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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take dogs to the dog park?

We have a company wide policy not to go to the dog parks. This is negotiable once we have gotten to know a specific dog and feel comfortable knowing how that dog will feel in certain situations. If we do go to the dog park we do not allow more than 2 client dogs with each team member at any given time. We also generally keep the dog(s) on an approximately 15 foot leash for the first couple visits. The leash allows the dog to have some freedoms while also allowing us to work on recall while at the park. We believe filling a vehicle with dogs and then setting them loose at a dog park, filled with other dogs that we do not know, is not the safest situation. Safety is highly important to us!


Will my ‘team member’ always be the same person?

Yes. There will be no change in who cares for your pets each day, week or month. The only time you might have a different team member is when there is an emergency with your primary team member that keeps them from getting to your home, your primary team member moves onto another job or your team member is unavailable for a visit you request. In any case we will never send someone to your home that you haven’t met and/or authorized. The only exception to this rule is regarding Nikki Johnson and Abby Higgs (the owners of Moxie’s Pet Service). They have access to all client information and homes in-case of emergency. With this system we technically have 4 team members available for each family.


What if my secondary team member isn’t the right fit?

If for any reason you decide your secondary team member is not the perfect fit then we will do our best to find you a different secondary team member. You would of course be able to arrange a new meet and greet with that team member also. We understand having the perfect fit is hugely important! So we want to help ensure your pets have not just a new friend but a new best friend!


What is the QR Card system?

The QR card system is comprised of 1 business card sized magnet (with a QR code on the left for Check-Ins and one on the right for Check-Outs as well as our company contact information) and an online database that tracks the information collected by our team. When a team member uses their cell phone to scan the In QR code the database GPS logs that they have arrived at your home and the exact time of the check-in. Once the visit is completed the team member uploads a photo from their visit with your pet(s) and types you a visit note. Then they scan the Out QR code and the database logs their GPS check-out of your home with the exact time that the visit was completed. The system then automatically emails you (we can have it sent to multiple people upon request) the visit note and photo. If you want to send a note to your team member regarding the visit note and photo they sent, you can simply reply to that email and your comments will be forwarded to your team member.


Why do my team members need to use the QR card system?

We use the QR card system as a way to help ensure peace of mind in knowing that your visits are, at minimum, the length of visit that you requested. It also helps us in the office to answer any questions that you might have. The typed notes are also helpful because they are easy to read. Everyone’s handwriting is unique and sometimes that’s not so great. With a typed note you are able to clearly read what your team member is writing.


What is the Moxie’s Portal?

The portal will allow you to easily track your pets’ information, keep track of payments, pay invoices, schedule visits & make changes to upcoming visits. The portal is a valuable tool as so many of our pets often have medical, nutrition, or behavioral changes throughout their lives. This portal will give you access to all the stored information we have for you and your pets. You can update the information at any time. Within an easy click of the mouse the portal will allow you to schedule, check on or cancel a visit. The invoice review section will give you access to look back on any of the services we’ve provided and payments you’ve made. To pay through the portal you add your credit card ‘on file’. Once we have generated your invoice we will email you to ensure that you have an understanding of the visits we have scheduled and the amount that will be charged to your card.


Why do I need to have my own portal?

Because every pet, family and home is unique. Your personalized portal will allow us to care for your pets and home in the best way possible. When we know specific details about your pets we can then ensure we tailor our service to what works best for them, and you. Some of the information is tailored towards different types of services that we offer. Even if you don’t plan to use all the services that we offer, right now, it is good to have the information on file in-case of emergency.


What does the portal do?

Scheduling, invoicing, processing payments and information storage. We require all requested visits and cancellations be submitted through the portal and not via call, text or email. This is to ensure we have a compete record for ensuring your team member shows up when and where they are supposed to be. It also allows us to create and adjust invoices properly.


Is my ‘Card on File’ information secured and who can see it?

Your card on file is stored in the cloud database that hosts the entire portal software system. We have no access to see anything about your card on file. The only thing we see on our side is a small symbol by your name to signify that you have a payment card on file. We can not see what kind of card you have on file or any of the card numbers. The company that processes the payments is a federally secured company, called Stripe. They are the security equivalent to PayPal, but for businesses.


How do I schedule a visit?

The company that made the portal has a great how to video within your portal, under the ‘Schedule Services’ tab, to the left of the screen. But here is a link to the video as well:

Why do you require pre-payment for visits?
There are 3 major reasons why we require pre-payment:
1) We have had many people that did not pay us, in the past, then cancel service and never send payment. Which is very difficult for us as a small business because we still have to pay our team members.
2) Because we pay each team member at the end of each week. This is because we highly value our amazing team and since they don’t make a lot of money it helps them with daily expenses, through-out their week. This is truly a job of passion and not financial security. Which is one reason we value our team as much as we do!
3) Because being a small business means we don’t generally have a large reserve of money in the bank. Some day that will change and we are slowly getting there, but right now it’s a work in progress. So if you are late to pay us it could cause us to be late in paying our team members.

What payments do you accept?

We accept any credit or debit card payments through the portal. Once you add a card and tell us to charge a certain invoice we press the ‘submit payment’ button on our side. We do accept checks and money orders. We only accept checks and money orders via mail sent to the office staff at 218 Main Street #422, Kirkland 98033. This is to ensure a check isn’t lost along a walk or accidentally misplaced or damaged.